Text to Speech

Can I convert my text to audio?

You can add a TTS (Text To Speech) element to create audio from a given text.

Step 1: Add a Text to Speech element

You can add 'Text-to-speech' element into your element from the top bar of your deployment.

Step 2: Adjust the Text to Speech element

You can enter the text you want in the Properties Panel, and click on "Generate Speech Audio" to convert it to speech. You can preview the audio after generating it, by clicking on the Preview link.

You can control the Pitch, Speed, Voice and the speaker's language.

You need to "Generate Speech Audio" again after any changes in the text or its settings.

The 'Convert to Audio' feature allows you to save the converted text as an audio file. This can be useful if you want to swap the generated audio file with any other MP3 on your computer or the file manager - without having to rewire any rules you may have added.

Replacing file after converting to audio element

In case you decide to 'Convert to audio element', you will be given the choice to swap the audio with a different one sourced either from your computer or the file manager.

By clicking on the name of the file, you will be taken directly to the file manager.

Read below to know how to select a file to upload an image/ video.

Selecting a file

Example Experience

Here is an example experience and the rules applied on it

You have the option to set rules for when the audio should be played.

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