10-01 Oct Update

v0.5.3179 / 01 Oct 2022

🚀 Major Features

The much awaited VR mode support is finally here! 🎉

  • You can now move within VR mode using headset controllers. You can move using either the thumbstick or cursor click.

  • Editors can upload upto 6 custom avatars that can be used by viewers

  • Editors can specify room member and instance limits to control how many viewers can stay in a room simultaneously.

  • Using host mode you can now kick and mute viewers in the room.

  • Send notifications to all viewers on a link!

  • You can now trigger rules based on a time by using "current time" in the rules dropdown.

Minor Improvements

  • Firefox support added

  • Ability to change viewer height from scene properties

  • Other viewers are hidden when they are within 1.5M of the player

  • A new analytics page to check all viewer sessions

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • File Manager: Fixed post processing for 3D models - Thumbnail and USDZ generation

  • File Manager: Small UI fixes to improve usability

  • Fixed leaderboard when lead generation is enabled

  • Made a security fixes to plug an XSS scripting attack vector

  • Initial implementation of Webhooks.

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