11-13 Nov Update

v0.5.3429 / 13 Nov 2022

Major Features

  • Adaptive Graphics that adjust the graphic details according the hardware device The editor can control the initial value for adaptive graphics between high, low, and adaptive (default).
Adaptive Graphic Controls
  • Ability to select any Custom Environment Maps by selecting an .HDR or image file as the environment map for the whole scene, apart from the default options provided.

Minor Improvements

  • Removed mouse jump controls from scene bounds, walls and ceiling.
  • Collaboration controls displayed above screen-share - so the user can mute/unmute mic while a screen is being shared.
Collaborations controls are now over the screenshare
  • Screenshare section now shows name of the user sharing it.
Name of the person sharing screen show up above the screen
  • Ripple animation on the mobile joystick to direct the user’s attention to it. Tooltip added to the joystick.
Ripple animation on Joystick
  • Lights can now be shown/hidden via Rules.
Lights can be shown/hidden via rules
  • In Rules, Point To and Change to Scene are now “Viewer” actions instead of Environment and Scene earlier.
Change to scenen and Point to actions moved to "Viewer"
  • Defaults for multiplayer settings call/screenshare/chat are now checked.

Bug Fixes

  • Tooltip on top of the mouse jump control now disappears on time.
  • Scene bounds in certain cases weren’t editable. This is now fixed.
  • Certain bugs in timezone and date/time selection in “Current Time” rules fixed.
  • Fixed issue with End Experience rule when current scene and initial scene are same.
  • Updated error messages for load from another experience deployment type.