Multiplayer Mode is great for team meetings, holding trainings, conducting events and webinars.

Use Multiplayer Mode to interact with others in the same space.

With multiplayer mode you get the option to voice chat, text chat, video chat, screenshare and share reactions. There's a comments mode to leave review comments on 360 scenes also.

You can also enter a space as host to kick/mute participants, send notifications and impose room limits.

You can turn on Multiplayer Mode and control features like "audio", "chat", "screenshare", "text chat", "comments" on/off using the following section on the Publish page:

Join Call

Always remember to join call to be able use Text Chat, Voice Chat, Screenshare, Share Reactions, Receive Notifications or to enable Host Mode Features.

Voice ChatText ChatScreenshareCommentsShare Reactions

Host Mode

Host Mode



Room Limits


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