Apply Green Screen to Videos

Create a Demo Experience

Let's take a look at how you can add a green screen effect to a video using the GMetri Virtual Reality Platform.

  1. Add a video element into your scene. Select a video from the file browser with the green background applied to it.

  1. Now click the Green Screen Icon to apply the filter and select the background color using the integrated color picker.

  1. Open up the preview and see the magic!

Here's an example using blue background instead of a green background:


  • That's it! It now time to test the application. You can do that by clicking the green Play button in Right bar.

  • A QR Code shall appear. Scan this from your phone to preview your green screen experience or just open the link in a new tab. The changes you make in the editor will be available in the preview as soon as you make them after refreshing the page!


  • For other to view this app, you must deploy it. To do this head over to the Publish section to know more.

Green Screen Effect

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