Selecting a file for any element

When adding a file to your experience, there are two options.

By selecting the available plugins from the GMetri inventory.

Step 1

Upon adding an element (360Scene, Orbit Scene, 3D Scene), you will be automatically redirected to "Structure" on the right bar of your deployment.
Structure in the workspace

Step 2

To select a file, navigate to Pano image > Properties > Upload / Choose file.
Pano Image - choose file

Step 3

It will then redirect you to Files Manager > Plugins > Folders > Files
Click on any of the assets from Plugins tab to Explore the options.
Choosing files from Gmetri Plugins

Step 4

You will then be redirected to the assets from the plugin you have chosen. There are folders that provide various options to add 3D models, Audio, GIF, Greenscreen videos, Images, Pano Images, Pano videos and videos.
Selecting GMetri Asset

Step 5

Navigate to Images > Files > Select the image > Import

Step 6

Once you have imported the file, you will see a pop as below
Importing file pop-up

Step 7

You can now go back to the deployment and choose Upload/ Choose file > File Manager > My Assets > Folders > My Imports > Images >Files > Choose the image and click "Select"
My Imports
Selecting a file

By uploading files from your computer.

Step 1 and Step 2

Step 3

By clicking the "Upload" on the right side bar of your deployment, you can add the files from your computer.

Step 4

The pop-up box will let you drag and drop or browse files from your computer.
Drop files - Upload

Step 5

The selected file then will be available for you to upload.
Upload a file

Step 6

You can then go to File Manager > Files > Select
Selecting a file
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