To check usage of your deployment you can go to its analytics.
Simply click on “Analytics” on the top right corner of that deployment.
Analytics is specific to one deployment at a time.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics - Showing views, viewers, average session duration, views over time, browsers and platforms
The sections here provide you with:


The number of times your deployment is viewed. Check this to see how views are counted: How are views counted?


The number of viewers who have accessed your deployment.

Average Session Duration

The average duration, viewers have spent viewing your deployment.

Browsers and Platforms

Provides details about browsers your audience uses to view your experience, ex: Chrome, IE explore, Firefox, Opera, Safari and so on. Whereas, platforms will provide details if the viewer has used a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile to view your experience.

Views over Time graph

This graph shows your views over time.

Sessions by Location

This map shows you the (approximate) location of your viewers on a world map.
Analytics - Location

Filtering results for time periods

You can filter the analytics for different time periods, like the last 7 days, last 30 days, or last 90 days. You can also customize the dates to choose a specific range.
Analytics - Filtering results for time periods

Rules Funnel

Rules funnel show you the frequency of triggering of different rules. Only those rules are tracked for which you turn on the “Analytics” checkbox.
Analytics - Rules Funnel and Rule Log
When you click “More”, a new page opens up that provides a detailed graph as below which can be filtered according to the time period that you wish to collect the data for.
Analytics - Rules Funnel - More
Analytics - Rules Funnel - more page

Rules Log

This is a log of all rules triggered by everyone who visited this deployment. Note: only those roles are tracked for which you turn on the “Analytics” checkbox.
You can download this into a CSV file by clicking on “CSV” button.


To activate this, you will have to add a “Score” element to your experience. When you create a custom list from viewer group, and publish your experience, this section gets triggered if any of the viewers from that list accesses the deployment link.
Analytics - Leader Board
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