Multiplayer Mode

You can view other people in the same experience by turning on the Multiplayer Mode
Multiplayer Mode
In Multiplayer mode, you can also
  • Speak to each other by enabling Audio, Screen Share and Chat
  • Leave comments on 360 scenes
  • Send notifications to everyone who is viewing a deployment at that time


How many people can enter the Metaverse at the same time? Read below to understand.

In Non-Multiplayer Experiences

In these experiences, you don't see each other. There's virtually no limit to the number of people you can get in these experiences. However, we would recommend let us know in case you are planning to host an event with >50,000 concurrent users.

In Multiplayer Experiences (Room Instancing)

In these experiences, you can see each other, and interact with each other. Read more about concurrency in multiplayer experience in Room Limits